She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

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6 Responses to “She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”

  1. Masato Says:

    To whom it may concern!There is notinhg wrong in supporting someone for being “your kind” or a ” good friend”, But when someone is involving in a “criminal act” and “terrorizing” innocent people, WE ALL SHOULD JOIN TOGETHER to “ERASE” such a criminal for his/her inhuman acts no matter whohe/she is. That is everyone’s responsibility in our tamil communityIf anyone who does not do that, that human being is “worthless” and a “traitor” for our whole tamil community!When you are talking about cyber crime, how can you leave out the “real villain” who terrorized everybody?????Only one of the following, could be a REASON for your cowardly act1) Are you a good friend of him??2) or ARE YOU AFRAID of him????It does not matter whether he is is a friend or you are scared of him, you should be ashamed of being yourself no matter what reputation you have in the internet world!

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