CDs de segunda mano

Escrito por Flashman el 9 September, 2004


Mike Love de la lista de correo de Flor de Pasi?n, pone a la venta un interesante cat?logo discogr?fico de segunda mano, entre el que destacan grupos como BELLE & SEBASTIAN, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, GALAXIE 500, PJ HARVEY.

Los pedidos hay que realizarlos a y la lista completa est? en el cuerpo extendido del post.

CDs originales en muy buen estado. Descuentos a partir
de 10.

808 STATE Gorgeous_6 ?
AC/DC High voltage_7 ?
If you want blood you?ve got it_6 ?
Highway to hell_7 ?
ACTION Action packed (Edsel, 17 temas)_10 ?
AFGHAN WHIGS Gentlemen _7 ?
AINA Bipartite_7 ?
AIRBAG Mondo cretino_7 ?
ALABAMA 3 Exile on Coldharbour Lane_7 ?
ALLMAN BROS. BAND At Filmore East_8 ?
Marc ALMOND Singles 84-87 _7 ?
Tori AMOS Little earthquakes_7 ?
Joan ARMATRADING Me myself I_8 ?
ASH Oh yeah (4 temas, 1996)_5 ?
ASTRID Strange weather lately (13 + 2 bonus)_7 ?
ATOM RHUMBA Dirt shots_6 ?
Hormonal riot_7 ?
Brian AUGER & the TRINITY Befour_8 ?
BAD MANNERS S/T (Cedar, 25 temas)_6 ?
Joan BAEZ Diamonds & rust_7 ?
Moe BANDY I Just Started Hatin’ Cheatin’ Songs Today +
It Was Always So Easy (Westside, 21 temas)_8 ?
BAR-KAYS The best of +1 (13 temas y una pista, Stax)_8
Aidan BARTLEY Soulstream _8 ?
BAY CITY ROLLERS S/T (20 temas: Saturday night, Keep
on dancing, Remember, Shang-a-lang, …)_7 ?
BEACH BOYS Friends + 20/20 (+ bonus) _ 8 ?
Sunflower + Surf?s up_8 ?
BEACHWOOD SPARKS Once we were trees_7 ?
of The Beatles (14 temas)_7 ?
BEAUSOLEIL Looking back tomorrow: Beausoleil live
(Rhino, 15 temas)_7 ?
BEEF Adult oriented rock EP (4 temas)_2 ?
William BELL The best of (Stax, 14 temas)_8 ?
BELLE & SEBASTIAN Tigermilk_8 ?
BERL?N 80 Punk fiction_7 ?
Leonard BERNSTEIN Wonderful town (-Simon Rattle)_13 ?
BIG SOUL Funky beats vol. 1_6 ?
BIRD NEST ROYS (1?) (Flying Nun)_8 ?
BIRDIE Some dusty_9 ?
BISCUIT Rocks my little world_6 ?
Frank BLACK & the CATHOLICS Show me your tears_8 ?
Bobby BLAND The best of _6 ?
Ernest BLOCH Schelomo- Hebraic Rhapsody for cello and
large orchestra _9 ?
BLUE OYSTER CULT Secret treaties _7 ?
BLUES MAGOOS Kaleidoscope compempdium- The best of
(Mercury-Polygram -23 temas)_11 ?
Colin BLUNSTONE One year_9 ?
BOLIVIANS Midnight small talk_6 ?
The Bolivians_7 ?
BONDAGE Gringo star_6 ?
one _7 ?
BOSS MARTIANS The set-up_8 ?
EARL BOSTIC Jazz masters _4 ?
Ray BRANDES The rise and fall of _7 ?
BRONCO BULLFROG Oak apple day_5 ?
James BROWN Star time 4CD_42 ?
Jackson BROWNE Next Voice You Hear: The Best of
Jackson Browne (16 temas, Elektra)_8 ?
BUILT TO SPILL There?s nothing wrong with love_9 ?
Sonny BURGESS The Arkansas wild man (Charly-Sun -25
temas)_8 ?
Solomon BURKE Best of (Duchese -16 temas)_7 ?
J.BURNETTE & his R.R.T. (recop. Coral) _8 ?
R.L. BURNSIDE Come on in_7 ?
Thee BUTCHER?S ORCHESTRA Drag me twice: Golden hits +
In glorious r?n?r (29 temas)_9 ?
CAL?GULA 2000 Apoptosis (Spicnic)_4 ?
CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN Telephone free landslide
victory_9 ?
CAMPUS TRAMPS Blow it! _6 ?
CANCER MOON Flock,colibri, oil_6 ?
CARTER USM Worry bomb_6 ?
CAVEMANISH BOYS Get a load of… _6 ?
CINCOS Experimental procedures in hi-fidelity
(SFTRI)_8 ?
CLASH The story of The Clash 2CD_11 ?
Willie CLAYTON + Otis CLAY Chicago soul greats (Hi, 17
temas)_8 ?
CLOUD ELEVEN Orange and green and yellow and near_5 ?
CLUB 8 Saturday night engine (6 temas)_6 ?
COAL PORTERS The land of hope and Crosby_8 ?
John COLTRANE Live at Birdland _8 ?
Meditations _8 ?
Ascension _8 ?
COMMODORES The very best of (Motown, 20 temas)_8 ?
Bobby CONN The golden age_8 ?
CONTORTIONS/ James White & the BLACKS Buy + Off
white_10 ?
CONTOURS The very best of (Motown, 15 temas)_8 ?
COUNTRY TEASERS Destroy all human life_9 ?
Angel CORPUS CHRISTI I love NY_6 ?
CREATION Our music is red with purple flashes (24
temas)_10 ?
John CUNNINGHAM Homeless house_8 ?
CURLEE WURLEE She?s a pest_9 ?
CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD Everything?s tuesday: the best
of (22 temas)_9 ?
Gene CHANDLER The duke of soul (BAR -20 temas)_7 ?
CHARIOT I am Ben Hur _8 ?
Ray CHARLES The Atlantic years (Rhino -20 temas) _8 ?
Live (Atlantic, 58-Newport y
59-Herndon -16 temas)_9 ?
CHIC Dance, dance, dance: The best of (Rhino, 71
min.)_8 ?
CHUBBY CHECKER Let?s twist again (20 temas)_7 ?
CHOKEBORE Black black_6 ?
CHOPPER Slogans & jingles (Big Deal)_7 ?
JEFF DAHL Capturados vivos! _6 ?
DAMON & NAOMI Pierre ?toile CDs (3 temas)_2 ?
Cedell DAVIS Feel like doin? something wrong (Fat
Possum)_7 ?
Tyrone DAVIS Greatest hits (Rhino -17 temas)_10 ?
DEAD BOYS Third generation nation! ?The ?We have come
for your children? premix_10 ?
DEAD MILKMEN Soul rotation _8 ?
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE We have the facts… +3 _8 ?
DEL SHANNON Runaway (Disky, 14 temas)_6 ?
DESECHABLES La maqueta + Golpe tras golpe_10 ?
DIVINE- You think you are a man _7 ?
DM3 Road to Rome_7 ?
DR. JOHN What goes around comes around (Cedar, 18
temas)_7 ?
DOORS The Doors _5 ?
The soft parade _5 ?
DRUNK …Again (recop. singles)_7 ?
DUBSTAR Goodbye_7 ?
DUKE ELLINGTON Fisrt annual tour of the Pacific
Northwest, spring 1952 vol. 2 _6 ?
BOB DYLAN Blonde on blonde _6 ?
Greatest hits vol.3 (73-91,
Columbia -14 temas)_6 ?
EASYBEATS Friday on my mind +6 (18 temas)_8 ?
Dave EDMUNDS (& LOVE SCULPTURE) Sabre dance_6 ?
Duke ELLINGTON Never no lament: The Blanton-Webster
band 3CD (75 temas, Bluebird)_24 ?
ELVIS- Elvis Presley _5 ?
EMILIO EL MORO 50 grandes ?xitos 2CD _10 ?
EQUALS Equals explosion + Unequalled Equals (24 temas,
Repertoire)_9 ?
ESKORBUTO Kanziones malditas vol. 1 (14 temas)_7 ?
ESQUIVEL & his orch.- Other worlds, other sounds _6 ?
EVERLY BROTHERS Walk right back: The E.B. on Warner
Bros. 1960 to 1969 2CD (Warner, 50 temas)_10 ?
Cesaria EVORA Sao Vicente di Longe_8 ?
FALL-OUT?S The Fall-Out?s_8 ?
FARRAH Moustache & extra wax_5 ?
FASTBACKS New mansions in sound _6 ?
The day that didn?t exist +10
(24 temas)_7 ?
FATBACK BAND Fatbackin?: the Perception sessions 2CD
(28 temas, los 3 primeros discos enteros)_8 ?
FATBOY SLIM Greatest remixes_8 ?
FLESHTONES Beautiful light_7 ?
Laboratory of sound_7 ?
FLOP Fall of the mopsqueezer!_8 ?
FLOW Fuengirola _5 ?
Headquake_4 ?
FOLK IMPLOSION Take a look inside?_8 ?
FOUNDATIONS Build me up buttercup (14 temas)_4 ?
FOUR TOPS Early classics (Motown -18 temas)_7 ?
Reach out (6?)_8 ?
Kim FOWLEY Underground animal_8 ?
FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS The two faces of Freddie
(reed. en mono y stereo) _7 ?
Edith FROST Wonder wonder (Drag City)_8 ?
FUTURE BIBLE HEROES Memories of love_7 ?
GALAXIE 500 The portable… (incluye in?dito y
video)_7 ?
GALLON DRUNK Black milk_8 ?
GARGOYLES Without end (SFTRI) _8 ?
GAS HUFFER Integration technology & service _6 ?
Just beautiful music_7 ?
Marvin GAYE Midnight love _5 ?
GIANT SAND Long stem rant_8 ?
GIRL TROUBLE New American shame _10 ?
GOLDEN ZOMBIES The 24 kilate sound_6 ?
Benny GOODMAN Carniege Hall concert I (15 temas)_7 ?
Greatest hits
(Columbia, 11 temas)_7 ?
Dexter GORDON The jazz masters _4 ?
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD The collection (Castle -12 temas:
75 minutos)_6 ?
GRANDADDY Under the Western Freeway_8 ?
David GRAY White ladder_9 ?
Grant GREEN The complete quartets with Sonny Clark 2CD
(Blue Note)_18 ?
GUEDEON DELLA Sideral picacandy_4 ?
Woody GUTHRIE Sings folk songs (with Sonny Terry &
Cisco Houston) vol. 2_5 ?
GUTTERMOUTH- Friendly people _5 ?
Luke HAINES The Oliver Twist manifesto_7 ?
PJ HARVEY 4 track demos _6 ?
Stories From the City, Stories
From the Sea_7 ?
HATER Hater_9 ?
Isaac HAYES Out of the ghetto- The Polydor years (11
temas)_7 ?
Jimi HENDRIX Axis: bold as love_8 ?
BBC sessions 2CD (MCA, 37
temas)_10 ?
HER SPACE HOLIDAY Astronauts are sleeping_6 ?
HERBERT Secondhand sounds: Herbert remixes 2CD_10 ?

HI FIVES And a whole lotta you! _8 ?
Billie HOLIDAY Lady in Autumn: The Best of the Verve
Years 1946-1959 2CD (Verve, 35 temas)_18 ?
Lo mejor _4 ?
Brenda HOLLOWAY Greatest hits & rare classics (Motown,
18 temas)_7 ?
Lightnin? HOPKINS Maestros del Jazz & Blues (16
temas)_6 ?
HOUND DOG TAYLOR Natural boogie_10 ?
ICE T Power_7 ?
IMPRESSIONS Keep on pushing + People get ready
(Kent)_10 ?
Remembering Curtis (2001, 20
temas)_6 ?
INFANT KINGS (MODEL ROCKETS) Jingle up high, jingle
down low_9 ?
IRON BUTTERFLY Light and heavy: The best of (Rhino,
21 temas)_8 ?
ISLEY BROTHERS Beautiful ballads (EPIC-Altaya -14
temas) _5 ?
Shout: the RCA
sessions (19 temas)_8 ?
IVY Long distance_6 ?
J GEILS BAND Best of _7 ?
JACKIE & THE STARLITES Valerie (19 temas) _7 ?
Michael JACKSON The best of -vol.2 (Motown, 22
temas)_7 ?
Wanda JACKSON Queen of rockabilly- The very best of
the r?n?r years (Ace, 30 temas)_10 ?
Elmore JAMES Dust my broom_7 ?
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Journey…Best of (21 temas) _6 ?
flight_7 ?
JESUS JONES- Doubt (1991) _5 ?
ELTON JOHN Madman across the water _6 ?
JONATHAN FIRE EATER Wolf songs for lambs_8 ?
JOY DIVISION Substance, 1977-1980_8 ?
JOYKILLER S/T (Epitaph)_6 ?
JUDE King of yesterday_7 ?
Eddie KENDRICKS The ultimate collection (Motown, 16
temas)_8 ?
TARA KEY Bourbon County _6 ?
BB KING- Live at the Regal _6 ?
Gladys KNIGHT & the PIPS The Motown years (18 temas)_7
Leo KOTTKE 6 & 12 string guitar (Fantasy-Ace)_10 ?
Ice water _8 ?
KRAVIN As Krave on! (Get Hip)_9 ?
LAMBCHOP What another man spills _8 ?
LAST POETS The Last Poets + This is madness 2CD_14 ?
John LEE HOOKER Boogie chillen: The essential
recordings of (Indigo, 1948-9, 20 temas)_8 ?
John LENNON The J.L. collection (Capitol-EMI, 19
temas)_8 ?
Kim LENZ & the JAGUARS The one and only_8 ?
LIBERTINES Up the bracket_8 ?
Nick LOWE Jesus of cool_9 ?
The wilderness years (Demon, 18
temas)_9 ?
LUSH Lovelife_8 ?
Loretta LYNN Coal miner?s daughter (16 temas)_7 ?
MAGIC SAM With a Feeling 57-67: The Cobra, Chief &
Crash Recordings_8 ?
MALCONSEJO Vivir bajo el agua_5 ?
Stephen MALKMUS Jenny & the Ess-dog CD-EP (4 temas)_2
(Idem)_7 ?
MAM? El show empieza- Las maquetas (28 temas)_7 ?
MANUAL SCAN Plan of action- The best of M.S. 1980-1992
(27 temas)_8 ?
MARKETTS- Batman theme (Eva-12 temas) _7 ?
Mart?n MAX Nicotina_5 ?
Polygram -20 temas)_7 ?
Curtis MAYFIELD Super Fly B. So._8 ?
MEAT PUPPETS Up on the sun +5 (17 temas)_8 ?
MEKONS I have been to heaven and back_(24 temas
raros)_8 ?
Harold MELVIN & the BLUE NOTES Super hits (Sony)_8 ?
MERCURY REV All is dream_7 ?
MINISTRY Ke… (92)_7 ?
Greatest fits_8 ?
MODEL ROCKETS Tell the kids the cops are here_6 ?
MOGWAI Rock action_8 ?
MOMUS 20 vodka jellies_8 ?
MONDO FUMATORE Rolling like an egg_6 ?
Ennio MORRICONE Scusi, facciamo amore? B.So._8 ?
MOTORS Approved by The Motors + 2_8 ?
MOTT THE HOOPLE All the young dudes_8 ?
Marc MOULIN Top secret (Blue Note)_8 ?
MOUNTAIN The best of (Columbia)_7 ?
MUNGO JERRY In the summertime (Cedar, 14 temas)_6 ?
Elliott MURPHY Rainy season_7 ?
NACHA POP Nacha Pop_7 ?
Leona NAESS Comatised_8 ?
NEATBEATS Far and near (Get Hip)_8 ?
NECKBONES Souls on fire_7 ?
Ricky NELSON The original (Disky -18 temas)_7 ?
NEU! Neu!_9 ?
NEVILLE BROTHERS Treacherous: A history of the N.B.
vol. 1 (Rhino, 14 temas)_8 ?
NEW BOMB TURKS Nightmare scenario_8 ?
Harry NILSSON Harry + Nilsson sings Newman + 2 (25
temas)_8 ?
Nilsson Schmilsson + 8 (7
in?ditas)_8 ?
NI?O GUSANO El efecto lupa_6 ?
Circo luso_6 ?
NIRVANA Incesticide _6 ?
NRBQ Grooves in orbit_8 ?
Ric OCASEK Troublizing_7 ?
OHIO PLAYERS Greatest hits (1974-78, 17 temas)_8 ?
ONYAS Get shit faced with The Onyas_6 ?
ORGASMICAL Orgonebox_6 ?
Eddie PALMIERI & Cal TJADER Bamboleate_9 ?
Robert PARKER Barefootin? (Charly)_6 ?
Van Dyke PARKS Discover America + 1 (Ryko)_8 ?
PARLIAMENT Mothership connection_8 ?
Dolly PARTON Jolene: her greatest hits (Disky, 14
temas)_7 ?
PATRULLERO MANCUSO Mi vida va bien (4 temas)_2 ?
PELVIS Who are you today?_6 ?
Teddy PENDERGRASS Significant singles -The R&B chart
hits and flips 1977-84 (West Side)2CD _11 ?
Dan PENN Nobody?s fool _10 ?
PENTANGLE Sweet child 2CD_11 ?
Carl PERKINS Blue suede shoes- The original greatest
hits (Charly, 20 temas)_7 ?
Lee Scratch PERRY Arkology 3CD (Island, 52 temas)_21 ?
Gilles PETERSON Incredible sound of 2CD_10 ?
Lizz PHAIR Whitechocolatespacegg_5 ?
PHANTOM DOG Only pals _5 ?
PIOLINES ?Buen provecho! (42 temas)_5 ?
PIXIES Complete B Sides (19 + 2 videos)_8 ?
PO! Past perfect tense (recop. 19 temas)_8 ?
Bud POWELL The definitive B.P. (Verve-Blue Note, 13
temas)_8 ?
PREFAB SPROUT A life of surprises: the best of
(Columbia, 16 temas)_8 ?
PRIMITIVES Lovely _7 ?
PUBLIC ENEMY Fear of a black planet _8 ?
PURITANS (My baby?s mind is like a) Beach house_8 ?
Q65 Revolution + 4_9 ?
RAILROAD JERK One track mind_7 ?
Ricardo RAY ORCHESTRA Let?s get down to the real nitty
gritty (Vampi Soul)_9 ?
RAMONES It?s alive _6 ?
Ramones + 8 (Rhino)_8 ?
Leave home + 16 (Rhino, inlcuye
concierto Roxy 76)_8 ?
Too tough to die + 12 (Rhino,
incluye in?ditas)_8 ?
RAMONETURES Ramonetures_6 ?
RATOS DE PORAO Descanse em paz_7 ?
RECORDS The Records/Shades in bed + 10 (20 temas)_10 ?
RED AUNTS Ghetto blaster_8 ?
LUO REED Magic and loss _6 ?
JIM REEVES- I?m gettin? better (en directo) _3 ?
Django REINHARDT Maestros del Jazz & Blues (18
temas)_6 ?
REMBRANDTS Rembrandts_7 ?
Caballero REYNALDO Cl?sico con twist _6 ?
Jonathan RICHMAN & the MODERN LOVERS Roadrunner (20
temas 1975-1979, con raros e in?ditos)_10 ?
Smokie ROBINSON A quiet storm _8 ?
Smokie ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES Early classics (Motown
-18 temas)_7 ?

Hi, we?re the Miracles _8 ?
ROCKIN? RAMRODS The best of (Akarma, 24 temas)_11 ?
JERRY ROLL MORTON Complete Edition -Volume 1, 1923-4
(M?dia 7 -26 temas)_9 ?
ROLLING STONES Some girls _7 ?
Sticky fingers_7 ?
Exile on Main
Street_7 ?
RUGBYS Hot cargo_9 ?
RUST Come with me_9 ?
RUTA En cinemascope _5 ?
Jack SCOTT The way I walk +13 _7 ?
SELECTER The best of (16 temas)_6 ?
SHAM 69 Cockney kids are innocent. The best of
(Sanctuary, 20 temas)_9 ?
SHAMBLES Clouds all day (21 temas)_8 ?
Artie SHAW The Jazz Masters (18 temas)_7 ?
Archie SHEPP Mama too tight _9 ?
SHIRTS Tell me your plans_10 ?
SHITBIRDS Famous recording artists (SFTRI)_8 ?
SIMON & GARFUNKEL Wednesday Morning, 3 AM_6 ?
Thee SIXPENCE Step by step_9 ?
SOLEX Solex vs. the hitmeister_8 ?
SON VOLT Wide swing tremolo_7 ?
Trace_7 ?
SOUNDGARDEN Badmotorfinger _6 ?
SOVIET LOVE Dance _6 ?
SPECTORS Beat is murder- Cockfights & cakefights
1992-96 (Get Hip, 21 temas)_10 ?
SPINATRAS (ex-Dictators)_7 ?
SPINNERS The very best of (Rhino -16 temas)_7 ?
SPLITSVILLE Repeater (Big Deal)_7 ?
The complete Pet Soul_7 ?
SPORTIQUE Black is a very popular colour_7 ?
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Greatest hits (Carnaby -16 temas)_6
Simply Dusty
4CD (Mercury, 98 temas)_39 ?
Am I the same
girl (18 temas, 1964-71)_8 ?
STAPLE SINGERS Best of (Stax-Altaya, 70-3 -12
temas)_6 ?
EDWIN STARR Early classics (Motown -18 temas)_7 ?
STEREOLAB Sound-dust_7 ?
Cat STEVENS Mona bone jackon_8 ?
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Go for it + 2 (Captain Oi)_10 ?
STONEAGE HEARTS Turn on with the S.H. (Off the hip)_8
STREETWALKIN? CHEETAHS Waiting for the death of my
generation_8 ?
STYLISTICS The best of (18 temas)_8 ?
SUGAR SHACK 5 weeks ahead of my time (Estrus)_7 ?
SUPERCHUNK Here?s to shutting up_7 ?
SWINGING BLUE JEANS At Abbey Road 1963-67 (EMI, 28
temas)_8 ?
Diana Ross & the SUPREMES Supremes a go go_7 ?
T-MODEL FORD You better keep still_7 ?
James TAYLOR QUARTET The collection (18 temas, etapa
Polydor)_7 ?
TEMPTATIONS Psychedelic shack + All directions _10 ?
Joe TEX I believe I?m gonna make it! The best of
(Rhino -18 temas)_9 ?
Bump to the funk (Charly -20 temas)_8
Live and lively + Soul country + 3
(RPM, 24 temas)_8 ?
THEM The collection (Castle -24 temas)_9 ?
THINGIES Have arrived! (Collectables, 29 temas)_8 ?
Irma THOMAS Time is on my side (Kent, 24 temas)_11 ?
Rufus THOMAS That woman is poison!_8 ?
Richard THOMPSON Action packed: the best of the
Capitol years (19 temas, 3 in?ditos)_8 ?
us! _7 ?

The cool album_8 ?
THUNDER MUGS On the spot_9 ?
Amon TOBIN Out from out where_7 ?
Ike & Tina TURNER Rock me baby (Best of) _5 ?
UNSANE Attack in Japan_7 ?
URGE OVERKILL Exit the dragon_8 ?
UZEDA Waters _5 ?
Bobby Taylor & the VANCOUVERS (Idem) (Motown)_8 ?
Martha & the VANDELLAS Heat wave (1?)_7 ?
VIKINGS Go berserk! _7 ?
Jr WALKER & the ALL STARS Shotgun (1?)_8 ?
DIONNE WARWICK Best of (16 temas) _7 ?
MUDDY WATERS Rock me- The Charly Blues Masterworks
vol.10 (16 temas)_5 ?
WEEN The mollusk _8 ?
Barry WHITE Soul seduction (13 temas, 73-9)_7 ?
WILCO Summer teeth_7 ?
Vaughn WILLIAMS The lark ascending _11 ?
Jackie WILSON Higher and higher (best of; sello
Charly-25 temas) _8 ?
Johnny WINTER S/T (18 temas)_7 ?
Bill WITHERS Lean on me: The best of B.W. (Columbia,
18 temas)_8 ?
Bobby WOMACK Greatest hits (Capitol, 19 temas)_8 ?
Stevie WONDER Greatest hits (Motown)_6 ?
O.V. WRIGHT The Wright stuff + Live (Hi -20 temas)_7
WU-TANG CLAN Iron flag_8 ?
X RAYS Speed kills (Empty)_7 ?
YO LA TENGO Painful _9 ?
And Then Nothing Turned
Itself Inside-Out_8 ?
Neil YOUNG Tonight?s the night_7 ?
S/T (La Mejor M?sica, recop. 16
temas)_7 ?
On the beach_8 ?
Everybody knows this is
nowhere_9 ?
Lester YOUNG These foolish things (recop. 43-8 -21
temas) _5 ?
Sony Jazz Collection- This
is jazz vol. 26 (17 temas, 1936-1943)_6 ?
Tommie YOUNG Do you still feel the same way?
(Westside, 16 temas)_9 ?
YOUNG DISCIPLES Road to freedom_8 ?
YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS Take it like a matador-Live in
Spain _7 ?
ZZ TOP Tres hombres_8 ?
ZE MALIBU KIDS Sound it out_7 ?
ZEKE Death alley_7 ?
ZEN GUERRILLA Shadows on the sun _8 ?
John ZORN The big gundown- John Zorn plays the music
of Ennio Morricone_7 ?
Spillane_8 ?
VVAA 100% tex mex (21 temas: Ritchie Valens, Texas
Tornados, Flaco Jimenez, Freddy Fender, Sir Douglas
Quintet, Los Lobos, …)_7 ?
VVAA A slice of lemon 2CD (Lookout + Kill Rock Stars
-40 temas: Elliot Smith, Pansy Divisi?n, Fitz of
Depression, Crumbs, Peeches, Mr T Exp., Frumpies, Cub,
…)_10 ?
VVAA Afternoon delight! Love songs from Sub Pop (:
Sebadoh, Come, Beat Happening, Vaselines, …)_7 ?
VVAA Ahora jazz (selecci?n de Blue Note -36 temas)
2CD _11 ?
VVAA All punk rods! (Gearhead & Lookout: Nomads,
Splash 4, Hellacopters, Man or astroman?, Donnas,
Smugglers, Servotron, …)_7 ?
VVAA Amphetamine Reptile 1993 sampler _7 ?
VVAA An ocean of doubt: The emo diaries chapter 4
(Deep Elm)_7 ?
VVAA As? empez? todo -Chapa Discos: los principios
del rock espa?ol (Asfalto, Mermelada, Bar?n Rojo,
Para?so, Tequila, Ob?s, ?u, …)_7 ?
VVAA Back to the old school 2. Sugarhill street soul
2CD (Sequel-Sugar Hill, 29 temas: Sugarhill Gang,
Candi Staton, Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five,
…)_10 ?
VVAA Beat party! Worldwide power pop compilation
(1+2, 23 temas: Meows, Shambles, Chevelles, Banana
Erectors, Kwyet Kings, …)_7 ?
VVAA Best of Rodney the Roq _8 ?
VVAA Bloodshot! The Gaity Records Story -Vol. 2
(Norton) _7 ?
VVAA Blue Rose collection vol. 7 2CD (32 temas, un CD
de rarezas: Russ Tolman, Jolene, Schramms, Bottle
Rockets, Trsih Murphy, Jim Roll, Mount Pilot, Steve
Wynn, Elliot Murphy, …)_8 ?
VVAA Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
2CD (Neil Young, Booker T, George Harrison, Johnny
Winter, Bob Dylan, etc.)_11 ?
VVAA Buceadora 2 (Grabaciones en el Mar -in?ditos de
Carrots, Aidan Bartley, Kerkhoff, David John Hull,
…)_7 ?
VVAA Cabin in the sky BSO (EMI, 32 temas)_7 ?
VVAA C?est la France (Virgin, 15 temas: Henri
Salvador, Benjamin Biolay, Fran?oise Hardy, Dominique
A, Air, …)_8 ?
VVAA Chains & safety pins: the new wave (EMI, 21
temas: Wire, Banned, 999, Saints, Stiff Little
Fingers, …)_7 ?
VVAA Chicago twine time: rare soul uncovered from
MarVlus Records (28 temas: Alvin Cash, Five Du-Tones,
Joseph Moore, …)_8 ?
VVAA Curtom superpeople: a collection of soul/funk
grooves from Curtom Records (Charly, 14 temas: Curtis
Mayfield, Impressions, Leroy Hutson, Notations, …)_7
VVAA Curtom soul trippin? 2 (Impressions, Curtis
Mayfield, Natural Four, Linda Clifford, Billy Butler,
…)_7 ?
VVAA Delicatessen 1- Cooking Vinyl sampler (XTC, Ani
Difranco, Madder Rose, Prolapse, They Might be Giants,
The Church, Velvet Crush, …)_7 ?
VVAA Edition G?nter Discher Best of II (swing a?os 30
y 40: Gene Krupa, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Oskar
Joost, Harry Roy, … -18 temas)_9 ?
VVAA El ataque de los tucos asesinos ( Derviches,
Feedbacks, E-330, …) _3 ?
VVAA Fields & streams 2CD (Kill Rock Stars 2000, 45
temas in?ditos: Lost Sounds, Rockateens, Stereo Total,
Aislers set, Comet Gain, Tender Trap, Mooney Suzuki,
Them Wranch, …)_9 ?
VVAA Finger poppin? and stompin? feet: 20 classic
Allen Toussaint productions for Minit Records 1960-62
(EMI: Showmen, Ernie-K-Doe, Jessie Hill, Irma Thomas,
Del Royals, …)_12 ?
VVAA Genrecide vol.1 (rarezas de grupos de Columbia
por el 93 -17 temas: Mercury Rev, Brenda Kahn,
Gumball, Goats, Fishbone, …)_10 ?
VVAA Grammy rap nominees 2000 (Eminem, Missy Elliot,
Erykah Badu, …)_7 ?
VVAA 1999 Grammy rap nominees (A Tribe Called Quest,
Outkast, Beastie Boys, Lauryn Hill, …)_7 ?
VVAA Hang it out to dry! (Satan -27 temas)_13 ?
VVAA Here comes the summer, the Undertones tribute
compilation (Queers, Cub, Smugglers, Shambles, Odd
Numbers, Pansy Division, …)_6 ?
VVAA Hey Drag City (94 -15 temas: Palace Brothers,
Pavemente, Gastr del Sol, Silver Jews, Royal Trux, Red
Krayola, …)_8 ?
VVAA Hits and missiles (recop. Guided Missile: Yummy
Fur, Bis, Country Teasers, El Hombre Trajeado, …)_7
VVAA Hits of the 60s (Sony, 15 temas: Buckinghams,
Byrds, McCoys, Great Society, Al Kooper, Chambers
Bros., …)_8 ?
VVAA Hot women: women singers from the torrid regions
of the world taken from old 78 rpm records
(recopilaci?n y portada de Robert Crumb, 24 temas)_8 ?
VVAA I am Sam BSO (versiones de los Beatles por Aimee
Mann, Rufus Wainwright, Ben Folds, Vines, Paul
westerberg, Nick Cave, …)_7 ?
VVAA Initial extreme music sampler (Initial, 23
temas: Botch, Boy Sets Fire, Cave In, Ink & Dagger,
Jazz June, …)_8 ?
VVAA Italian horizons: a musical journey through
Italy (BMG, 22 temas: Paolo Conte, Sophia Loren,
Rosanna Fratello, …)_8 ?
VVAA Kim Fowley: underground animal vol. 2 61-69
(Dionysus)_8 ?
VVAA Les flemmes d?enfer (Swamp music vol. 1)- Best
of cajun & zydeco tradition (Trikont, 15 temas:
Carri?re Brothers, Balfa Brothers, Adam Herbert,
…)_10 ?
VVAA Mambo! (: Perez Prado, Machito, Tito Puente,
Xavier Cugat -18 temas)_6 ?
VVAA Merseybeat best (UAE -23 temas: Freddie & the
Dreamers, Billy J. Kramer, Merseybeats, …)_7 ?
VVAA Minimalist (P. Glass, S. Reich, …) _7 ?
VVAA Natural high: 2 step soul, boogie fusion & rare
groove from the vaults of Atlantic, Elektra & Warner
Bros. 1975-82 (Warner, 16 temas: Terry Callier, Donald
Byrd, Leroy Hutson, Eugene Record, …)_8 ?
VVAA New Rose story 1980-2000 4CD (85 temas: Willie
Alexander, Chris Spedding, Cramps, Gun Club, Sky
Saxon, Saints, Troggs, Real Kids, Johnny Thunders,
Dead Kennedys, Lyres, Fugs, Shoes, Cub Koda, Alex
Chilton, Nervous Eaters, Giant Sand, Pianosaurus,
Lolitas, Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Robert
Gordon, Wreckless Eric, Inmates, Brian James, …)_36
VVAA Not so pretty – Tribute to the Pretty Things (23
tema: Teengenerate, Headcotees, Tell-Tale Hearts,
Chesterfield Kings, Thanes, …)_8 ?
VVAA Opus one: 16 big band hits (:Artie Shaw, Benny
Goodman, Woody Herman, Lionel Hampton, …)_7 ?
VVAA Popular 1 25 aniversario 2CD (John Hiatt, Suzi
Quatro, Butthole Surfers, Hawkwind, Stranglers,
Everclear, The Band, Dandy Warhols, …)_8 ?
VVAA Putumayo presents: Afro-latino (Africando,
Orquesta Baobab de Dakar, …)_8 ?
VVAA R&B classics (Chess 1960-69, 18 temas: Etta
James, Clarence Frogman Henry, Jan Bradley, Tommy
Tucker, Billy Stewart, Irma Thomas, Sensations, …)_8
VVAA Rojaij? 2CD (Zona de Obras especial amor, 44
temas: Andr?s Calamaro, Sergio Makaroff, Caballero
Reynaldo, Vainica Doble, Ataque 77, Suarez, Aneurol
50, Club 8, Tav Falco, …)_7 ?
VVAA Shake it up! American power pop II 1978-80
(Rhino, 19 temas: Plimsouls, Know, Holly & the
Italinas, 20/20, …)_10 ?
VVAA Shakin? Fit (Candy -29 temas)_13 ?
VVAA Shock Treatment B.So. _11 ?
VVAA Shoeshine chartbusters (singles e in?ditos del
sello, 20 temas: Astro Chimp, Alex Chilton, Frank
Blake, BMX Bandits, Speedboat y Radio Sweetherts)_7 ?
VVAA Sixties archives vol. 4: Florida & New Mexico
punk (31 temas: Chob, Plastic Blues Band, Esquires,
…)_9 ?
VVAA Skydog poubelles (sampler de Skydog: Damned,
MC5, Beachnuts, Gorillas, TMGE, Stooges, …)_7 ?
VVAA Smuggler’s Run (Larry Heard, Boo Williams, …)_6
VVAA Spit on your grave vol. 2 (US punk, new wave &
early hardcore 1977-1983) (: Tina Peel, Kraut, Shock,
Pink Hole, …)_8 ?
VVAA Stereoparty 2 (Subterfuge) _4 ?
VVAA Stop me if you think… (Rough Trade, 16 temas:
Detroit Cobras, Adam Green, Delays, …)_7 ?
VVAA Strange fruit- Too Pure: the Peel sessions (1991,
12 temas de Stereolab, PJ Harvey y Faith Healers)_8 ?
VVAA Teen beat: Instrumental rock 1957-1965 (Capitol,
16 temas: Piltdown Men, Duals, Davie Allan & the
Arrows, Johnny & the Hurricanes, B. Bumble & the
Stingers, …)_8 ?
VVAA The 45 section- A collection of Mushroom Pillow
Singles (13 temas: Club 8, Deluxe, Astrid,
Tribeca, Bart Davenport, …)_6 ?
VVAA The Artful Dodger presents Re-Rewind 2CD (40
temas)_8 ?
VVAA The best of Sun rockabilly (Charly, 22 temas:
Sonny Burguess, Warren Smith, Jerry Lee Lewis, …)_8
VVAA The big bash: NME Awards Nominations Album 2003
(15 rarezas de Coldplay, Oasis, Doves, Libertines,
Datsuns, Vines, …)_6 ?
VVAA The big score: A soundtrack to the black films of
the 70s (EMI, 18 temas: Curtis Mayfield, Joe Simon,
Bobby Womack, Melvin Van Peebles, Grant Green, …)_8
VVAA The doors of perception- Dope funk, psychedelic
soul & acid jazz from NYC 70-74 (20 temas: Fatback
Band, Bartel, Black Ivory, Shirley Horn, Exciters,
…)_7 ?
VVAA The Excello story: The best of Excello Records
(30 temas: Arthur Gunter, Gladiolas, Jerry McCain,
Slim Harpo, …)_11 ?
VVAA The girls? sound 2CD(Bobbettes, Shirelles,
Poni-Tails, Carole King, …)_11 ?
VVAA The green room 2CD (Everlasting, 30 temas: Swell,
Mojave 3, Hefner, Mark Lanegan, Delgados, Luna, Come,
Barry Adamson, JSBX, …)_8 ?
VVAA The Groove Story: R&B from the Radio
Corporation, Vol. 2 (Westside, 28 temas: Mickey &
Sylvia, King Curtis, Five Keys, Charles Calhoun,
Arthur Big Boy Crudup, …)_8 ?
VVAA The King R&B box set 4CD (uno de in?ditas, 88
temas: James Brown, Hank Ballard & the Midnighters,
Earl Bostic, Little Willie John, 5 Royales, Bill
Doggett, Johnny Guitar Watson, Freddy King, …)_33 ?
VVAA The legendary Sun records story 3CD (Sanctuary,
60 temas)_13 ?
VVAA The legendary Sun records story vol. 2 3CD
(Sanctuary, 60 temas)_13 ?
VVAA The modern world- UK punk II (77-78) (Rhino -19
temas: Jam, Generation X, Rezillos, 999, Magazine,
Buzzcocks, Wire, X-Ray Spex, Lurkers, …)_10 ?
VVAA The raging teens vol.3 -Wild New England RnR!
(Norton, 18 temas)_8 ?
VVAA The real music box (25 years of Rounder Records
-Johnathan Richman, George Thorogood & the Destroyers,
Ted Hawkins, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Professor
Longhair, Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, Woodie Guthrie,
Tony Rice, Leadbelly, Louvin Bros., Irma Thomas, Eddie
Bo, Beausoleil, Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas, etc.)
9CD_42 ?
VVAA The Stax story 4CD (98 temas)_33 ?
VVAA The Specialty strory 5CD (130 temas: Soul
Stirrers, Little Richard, Roy Milton & his Solid
Senders, Don & Dewey, Art Neville, Larry Williams,
Lloyd price, …)_45 ?
VVAA This is Fort Apache (13 temas, algunos in?ditos o
caras Bs y uno del grupo pre-Morphine: Treat her
Right, Come, Radiohead, Sebadoh, Walkabouts, Billy
Bragg, …)_7 ?
VVAA Trash on demand vol. 2 (Ultra Under, 23 temas
in?ditos: Leaving Trains, Wanda Chrome, Jacobites,
Cynics, …)_7 ?
VVAA Turds on a bum ride vol. 5 (18 temas: Sons of
Adams, Five by Five, Outsiders, Bad Boys, …)_10 ?
VVAA Twentyfour seven BSO (16 temas: Van Morrison,
Tim Buckley, Beth Orton, Primal Scream, Nick Drake,
Paul Weller, …)_6 ?
VVAA UniverSonorp vol. 5 2CD (BOA, 40 temas: Fermin
Muguruza, Zebda, Laurel Aitken, Joxe Ripau, Jawbox,
JSBX, June of 44, La Mala Rodr?guez, …)_7 ?
VVAA (Wayne Kramer presents) Beyond cyberpunk (15
temas: Pere Ubu, Mudhoney, Chris Spedding, Dee Dee
Ramone, Stan Ridway, Lesbianmaker, …)_7 ?
VVAA Yellow pills vol. 1- The best of American power
pop! (Big Deal, 21 temas: Rubinoos, Devin Hill,
Vandalias, …)_8 ?

**** SAMPLERS (CDs) uno: 6 ? // dos: 11 ? // tres:
15 ?

VVAA 19 fabolous hits (BCore: Aina, Oswego, Tokyo Sex
Destruction, …)
VVAA 1993 sampler (Amphetamine Reptile: Chokebore,
Cows, Boss Hog, Helios Creed, Today Is the Day, X,
VVAA A Shifty one (Shifty Disco 2000, 10 temas: Jack
Drag, The Drez, Pluto Monkey, …)
VVAA A taste of tradition (subsello de Rykodisc, 22
temas: Leadbelly, Lightnin? Hopkins, Coleman Hawkins,
Erroll Garner, Big Bill Broonzy, Woody Herman, …)
VVAA Adrian Sherwood presents the master recs. vol. 2
(On-U Sound, 15 temas: Dub Syndicate, Revolutionary
Dub Warriors, New age Steppers, Lee Scratch Perry,
VVAA All kindsa girls vol. 5 (Munster: Knockouts,
Chubbies, Pussycats, Mummy & the Peepshow, …)
VVAA A?o 2000, 19 canciones nacionales (RdLux: Migala,
Anari, Sr. Chinarro, Astrud, Parade, Mala Rodr?guez,
VVAA At war with society (New Red Archives 1998, 33
temas: Loudmouths, Swingin? Utters, Anti-Flag, No Use
for a Name, Samiam, Crucial Youth, UK Subs, …)
VVAA Bite the bullet (Know 1999, 33 temas: All Day,
Turbo ACs, Electric Frankestein, Le Shock, Goons, …)
VVAA Blue Rose collection vol. 4 (17 temas: Steve
Wynn, Continental Drifters, Big in Iowa, Elliot
Murphy, Russ Tolman, …)
VVAA Blue Rose collection vol. 5 (19 temas y un video
de Steve Wynn: Sand Rubies, Connels, Tim Easton, John
P. Strohm, Rainravens, …)
VVAA Blue Rose collection vol. 6 (1999, 15 temas:
Bottle Rockets, Trish Murphy, Big in Iowa, Ian
Matthews, Mount Pilot, …)
VVAA Blue Rose collection vol. 9 (2002, 16 temas:
Jason Ringenberg, Mark Eitzel, Elliot Murphy, Jolene,
VVAA Bravo capit?n! (Dock-RdLux, 15 temas: Brave
Captain, Elf power, Jackdrag, Her Space Holiday, …)
VVAA Buceadora 01 (fanzine de Grabaciones en el Mar,
17 temas: Tea Servants, Aidan Bartley, Gorky?s Zygotic
Mynci, Telstar Ponies, RL Burnside, …)
VVAA Buy this used CD- A Dutch East India sampler
(1993, 22 temas: Sebadoh, Brainiac, Trumans Water,
Cement, 5678s, Erik Voeks, Uncle Tupelo, …)
VVAA Can of pork (Lookout -29 temas: Mr. T
Experience, Brent?s TV, Wynona Riders, Lookouts, …)
VVAA Cheap shots IV (Burning Heart, 25 temas, in?ditas
de Hives, Millencolin, International Noise Conpiracy,
Peepshows, Refused, Puffball, …)
VVAA Crypt (revista Beat Generation, 32 temas: New
Bomb Turks, Lazy Cowgirls, Oblivians, Jon Spencer
Blues Explosion, …)
VVAA Delicatessen vol. 1 (Cooking Vinyl, 18 temas:
XTC, Ani Difranco, Madder Rose, Prolapse, TMBG,
Church, Velvet Crush, Pere Ubu, …)
VVAA Especial hits 98 (Animal, 16 temas: Elephant
Band, Mistakens, Imposibles, Slow Slushy Boys, Tuna
Tacos, Art School, Crusaders, Glosters, …)
VVAA Esto no es un cactus (Munch-Dock-RdLux, 14 temas:
Mary Gauthier, Gourds, Centro-matic, …)
VVAA Extra cheese- A Matador Records sampler (9 temas:
Blues Explosion -in?d.-, Guided by Voices, Pizzicato
5, Bailter Space, Helium, Railroad Jerk, …)
VVAA Extreme sound sampler (Epitaph 2002: Distillers,
Bad Religion, International Noise Coinspiracy,
Guttermouth, …)
VVAA Fantastic 4 series n#1 (fanzine Bad italiano no.
1, 14 temas de Alley?gators, Yum Yums, Guitar Wolf y
VVAA Fnac & friends (15 temas: Rosendo, Carla Bruni,
Protones, LBV, Muse, Sigur Ros, Carlos Berlanga, …)
VVAA Fnac Club Electr?nico 2CD (So Dens 2000, 27
temas: St. Germain, Ian Pooley, An der Beat, Laurent
Garnier, Jeff Mills, 7 Notas 7 Colores, Mike Young,
Sloan, Luke Slater, …)
VVAA Fuck the millenium (Munster, 15 temas: Golden
Zombies, Sonny Vincent, Perros, Broma de Ssatan, New
Christs, Atom Rhumba, Michelle Gun Elephant, …)
VVAAGasatanka Records-Teaching your bird to talk (20
temas: Zeros, Permanent Green Light, Agent Orange,
Sator, Melvins, Marginal Man, Rainbow Curtains, …)
VVAA Gettin? soulful (Vampisoul)
VVAA Goin? after pussy (Junk Rds., 41 temas: Electric
Frankestein, Bulemics, Humpers, Candy Snatchers,
Onyas, Dragons, Zeke, Stallions, Weaklings, …)
VVAA Have one (Glitterhouse, 20 temas: Nadine, Chris &
Carla, Larry Barrett, Nikki Sudden, Pinetop 7,
Walkabouts, Hugo Race, …)
VVAA Heide Sez- Lookout Records 1996 sampler (26
temas: Smugglers, Queers, Go Sailor, Sweet Baby,
Crumbs, Pansy Division, Phantom Surfers, …)
VVAA Hey mom! The garage is on my foot vol. 1 (Damaged
Goods, 20 temas: Headcoats, Armitage Shanks, Holly
Golightly, Cee Bee Beaumont, Kravin As, …)
VVAA Houston party 5th anniversary (2003, 18 temas:
Postal Service, Imperial Teen, Parker & Lily, Tyde,
Rubinoos, Movies, Beachwood Sparks, …)
VVAA Houston Party compilations (: Beachwood Sparks,
Saltine, Minus 5, Zeros, Chappaquidick Skyline, …)
VVAA Houston Party III (19 temas: Posies, Beachwood
Sparks, Zeros, Skyward, Libs, …)
VVAA I was a teenage munster (Munster 2003, 20 temas:
American 4, Neanderthals, Real Kids, Downliners? Sect,
Gun Club, Scientists, Legendary Tiger Man, Monks, Von
LMO, Mockers, …)
VVAA Infecting the galaxy one planet at a time (Sub
Pop, 2003, 18 temas: Mudhoney, Rosie Thomas, Fruit
Bats, Hot Hot Heat, Musder City Devils, Arlo, …)
VVAA In-flight program: Revelation Records collection
?97 (26 temas: Texas is the Reason, Chinchilla,
Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Youth of Today, …)
VVAA Jackson?s jukebox (Kill Rock Stars, 20 temas:
Comet Gain, Sleater-Kinney, Lies, Peechees, Ronnie
Spector, Frumpies, …)
VVAA Just because we love you (Munster-Factory 1993,
18 temas: BUM, Meanies, White Flag, Ben Vaughn,
Patrullero Mancuso, Nomads, Snatch, Zeros, …)
VVAA Knock-out in the 5th round! Oi! (Knock-Out, 22
temas: Demented Are Go, Meteors, Splodge Naessabounds,
Oxymoron, …)
VVAA La alternativa- Fnac 2 (2002, 21 temas: Zen
Guerrilla, Catheters, Ze Malibu Kids, Gigolo Aunts,
Beachwood Sparks, Sidonie, Sneaker Pimps, …)
VVAA La primera internacional (Munster, 20 temas: BUM,
Mojo Nixon, Meanies, Shame Idols, Zeros, Elvez, Ben
Vaughn, Flop, Parasites, …)
VVAA La segunda internacional (Munster: Fastbacks,
White Flag, Nomads, Flying Color, Odd numbers,
Milkduds, …)
VVAA Location is everything vol. 1 (Jade Tree, 23
temas, in?ditos de Girsl Against Boys, Promise Ring,
Pedro the Lion, Jets to Brazil, …)
VVAA Loose drive- RPM r?n?r sampler (1997, 27 temas:
Aerobitch, Se?or No, NCC, Shock Treatment, Riverdales,
Guarriors, Feedbacks, Surfin?Lungs, Vincent vR, …)
VVAA Mantra Recs. , the first 5 years
(Mantra-Everlasting-RdLux, :Six by Seven, Saint
Etienne, Dot Allison, Delgados, Gorkys Zygotic Mnci,
VVAA Moda pop (Elefant 2003, 25 temas: Family, Camera
Obscura, Les Tres Bien Ensemble, Nosotrash, …)
VVAA Momentos 2000 (RdLux, 17 temas: Primal Scream,
Go-Betweens, Magnetic Fields, Yo la Tengo, Hefner,
Giant Sand, Low, …)
VVAA Munster jukebox hits (Factory 16, 24 temas:
Mashed Potatos, Onyas, Celibate Rifles, Wild Sammy &
the Royaltones -in?d.-, The Gain -in?d.-, Hot Damn,
Chris Von Sneidern -in?d.-, Ross -in?d.-, Action Suits
-in?d.-, Martin rev, …)
VVAA Munster Records goes hi-fi (2000, 16 temas:
Fastbacks, Angel CC, Rooks, Ramonetures, Jack
Meatbeat, Chris & Tad, Mashed Potatoes, …)
VVAA Music with attitude (Rock Sound no. 20 1999: Foo
Fighters, Buckcherry, 7 Seconds, Electric Frankestein,
VVAA Not the same old blues crap II (Fat Possum 2001:
RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Paul Jones, T-model
Ford, …)
VVAA Nu-pho-nic (Nuphonic-RdLux, : Soul Ascendants,
Mike Delgado, Laj, …)
VVAA On the cam (Touch & Go 1999: Blonde Redhead,
Delta 72, Don Caballero, June of 44, Sonora Pine, …)
VVAA Physical fatness- Fat music vol. III (Fat Wreck:
NOFX, Screeching Weasel, Lagwagon, Dickies, Me First &
the Gimmies, …)
VVAA Pop parade (Rock Indiana, 21 temas: Protones,
Berracos, Feedbacks, Bandogs, Happy Losers, Brujos,
Aneurol 50, …)
VVAA Pop, do we not like that? (Too Pure: Stereolab,
PJ Harvey, Vodoo Queens, Seefeel, Pram, Laika, …)
VVAA Punch drunk (TKO, 20 temas: DRopkick Murphys,
Bodies, Loose Lips, Reducers SF, US Bombs, Electric
Frankestein, …)
VVAA Punch drunk IV (TKO 2002, 24 temas: Electric
Frankestein, Reducers SF, Antiseen, Limecell,
Cocknoose, …)
VVAA Punk rock megaexplosi?n (Factory no. 5, 29 temas:
Meanies, Pansy Division, BUM, Lag wagon, Se?or No,
Apartment 3G, …)
VVAA Punk uprisings (Lookout Rds., 25 temas: Hi-Fives,
Assorted Jellybeans, Humpers, Queers, Wizo, Mr. T
Experience, …)
VVAA Punkin? (Munster 1997: Perros, Pussycats,
Bongolocos, King Trash Fandango, Ultrasicas, Atom
Rhumba, …)
VVAA Re-direction- A Polyvinyl sampler (2001, 19
temas: Aloha, AM/FM, Rainer Maria, Matt Pond PA, Paris
Texas, …)
VVAA Riot on the rocks vol. 1 (Safety Pin, 27 temas:
Hellacopters, Flaming Sideburns, Gluecifer, Yum Yums,
Peepshows, Sator, Chinese Takeaways, …)
VVAA Riot on the rocks vol. 2 (Safety Pin, 28 temas:
Dialtones, Gluecifer, Puffball, Nomads, Very Ape,
Demons, …)
VVAA Riot on the rocks vol. 4 (Safety Pin, 26 temas:
Straps, Tricky Woo, Black Halos, Zen Guerrilla, CJ
Sleeze, Zeke, Smugglers, …)
VVAA Riot on the rocks 6-an international tribute to I
Wanna mag (Safety Pin, 27 temas: Candy Snatchers,
Powder Monkeys, Street Walkin Cheetas, Boss Martians,
Slow Slushy Boys, Cretin 66, Marky Ramone &
Speedkings, Mullens, …)
VVAA Roadkill (Epitaph 1998, 20 temas: New Bomb Turks,
Red Aunts, Zeke, Humpers, Cramps, Fleshtones, Gas
Huffer, Dwarves, …)
VVAA Rock Sound vol. 7 1998(10 temas: Hole -in?d.-,
Bad Religion, Cherry Poppin?Daddies, Catherine Wheel,
Gomez, Ross -in?d., …)
VVAA Rock Sound vol. 12 1999 (10 temas: Sick of it
all, NAshville Pussy, Mercury Rev, Pansy Division,
VVAA Rocket girl (Green Ufos-Rock de Lux, 15 temas:
Piano Magic, Gnac, Bard Pond, …)
VVAA Roto Records (Zona de Obras no. 5, 19 temas:
Bicho, Buges, Coronas, Perros, Sex Museum, Vivoras,
Jeff Dahl, Vikings, …)
VVAA Rough Trade- Music for the 90s vol. 5 (19 temas:
Frank Black, His Name is Alive, Einsterzunde Neubaten,
Stereolab, Red House Painters, …)
VVAA Rykodisc 1996 sampler (18 temas: Morphine,
Richard Thompson, Frank Zappa, Nick Drake, Last Poets,
John Prine, JOhn Cale, Golden Smog, …)
VVAA Sample this too! (BYO 2002, 16 temas: Bouncing
Souls, Unseen, Rancid, NOFX, Beltones, …)
VVAA Screaming & shoutin? 2 – A live compilation
(Subterfuge, 22 temas: Imposibles, Pribata Idaho,
Planetas, Penelope Trip, Patrullero Mancuso, V?rgenes
Adolescentes, NCC, Desv?n del Macho, …)
VVAA Serie Z (Wild Punk 2002, 20 temas: Dictators, 5
Horse Johnson, Supersuckers, Bellrays, Nomads,
Revolvers, Nashville Pussy, …)
VVAA Shoeshine Records sampler (17 temas: Astro Chimp,
Radio Sweetherts, Ben Vaughn, Speedboat, Paul Burch,
VVAA Slam mix Soma (Soma-RdLux, : Funk d?Void,Master
H, Retroflex, …)
VVAA Stafdoce soundandculture (revista Staf no. 2001,
26 temas: Zeke, Inational Noise Conspiracy, Converge,
Zen Guerrilla, Like Peter at Home, Bluetip, …)
VVAA Stereoparty 2 (Subterfuge, 22 temas: Manta Ray,
UVI, Intronautas, Dr. Explosi?n, Buges, Vegetales,
Farmacia de Guardia, …)
VVAA Sub Pop (RdLux 2000: Go, Makers, Black Halos,
Vue, Yo-Yo?s, Damon & Naomi, …)
VVAA Superclima (RdLux 1996, 22 temas: Girls Against
Boys, Steve Wynn, Papas Fritas, Guided by Voices,
Tommy Keene, …)
VVAA Sweet deal! The Intial & Eulogy sampler (2000, 23
temas: Boy Sets Fire, Elliott, Enkindels, Ink &
Dagger, Jazz June, …)
VVAA The big bash- NME awards 2003 (rarezas de Hives,
Ash, Datsuns, BRMC, Coral, Streets, Doves, Vines,
…)VVAA The day we killed grunge (Factory, 20 temas:
Breeders, Swell, Liz Phair, Clavos, Slant 6, Come,
Mercury Rev, …)
VVAA Touch & Go quarterstick (Factory 19, 1996-98, 19
temas: Uzeda, Monorchid, Don Caballero, Delta 72, June
of 44, …)
VVAA Trash on demand II (Ultra Under-Jeff Dahl 1997,
23 temas: Leaving Trains, Wanda Chrome, Jacobites,
Cynics, …)
VVAA Ultra swank (Cacophone 1999, 28 temas: Jack
Black, Failures, Vodkasonics, Defectives, Morning
Shakes, …)
VVAA Unconditionally guaranteed 2000.6 (Uncut, 19
temas: Clinic, Iggy Pop, Magnetic Fields, Smog, Darrel
Banks, Miles Davis, Scott Walker, David Holmes, …)
VVAA Various big cats, whisker a go-go (Factory, sello
Big Cat, 17 temas: Pavement, Cop Shoot Cop, Crowsdell,
Shudder to Think, Palace Brothers, Gary Young, …)
VVAA We want the airwaves! Power-pop issue vol. 1
(Shame Idols, Tune Bureau, Rooks, …)
VVAA Wild news from the world (Lollipop -24 temas:
Greedy Guts, Ultra Violet Eye, Teengenerate, Richies,
TV Killers, Shock Treatment, …)
VVAA Zona reservada- Sony Music FIB (10 temas, 2 de
cada: Manic Street Preachers, The Coral, Raveonettes,
Suede y Super Furry Animals)


ARMITAGE SHANKS Are friends electric? (Damaged Goods)
BARRACUDAS I want my woody back_ 2,50 ?
BEEF Sings _1 ?
BREAD- Hooked on you (77) _1 ?
BRONSON COMET LIGHTER + WANT Reptilemeter/ 200_1,50 ?
CALICO WALL I?m a living sickness_4 ?
CHINESE TAKEAWAY Shut up & behave_1,50 ?
COLUMBIAN NECKTIES Social women_1,50 ?
COSMOS + LORNA For E. Jamieson (wherever you are)/
November kicks again_2 ?
COWBOY AND SPIN GIRL Mary Jane is strange _1 ?
DAMBUILDERS Smell (Pop Narcotic)_2 ?
DIALTONES Playing the beat on the radio (Dead
Beat)_1,50 ?
DIRTY LIES News_1,50 ?
EASY ACTION Do it cuz I can_1,50 ?
ESCORBUTO CR?NICO Documentaci?n 7″ _5 ?
FEMENINE COMPLEX Hide & seek (Wurlitzer)_2,50 ?
GARGOYLES 89 Devil devil + 3 _2,50 ?
GO NUTS Go nuts with the Go Nuts (Estrus)_4 ?
GREAT UNWASHED Don?t tell me_1,50 ?
Ronnie HAIG Hey little baby (Get Hip)_3 ?
KICKING GIANT She?s real (K Recs.)_1,50 ?
Carole KING- Sweet seasons _1 ?
LOVED ONES Boom boom (out go the lights) + 3 (Get
Hip)_3 ?
MEDICATION Can?t seem to remember _1 ?
METROTONE Two spirals EP_1 ?
MILKSHAKES Red hot_3 ?
NOW Keeping up with the Joneses (Detour)_1,50 ?
PEKENIKES- Arena caliente (66) _3,50 ?
PEKENIKES- Hilo de seda (66) _3 ?
PRETTY HATES- Blind _1 ?
Neil SEDAKA- Bad blood/ Hey mister sunshine (76- n?1
en USA) _1 ?
SMACK Criminal EP (Munster, 5 temas)_3 ?
SMOKE BLOW The story of uncle goddamn_1 ?
SOME VELVET SIDEWALK Free from it (K)_1,50 ?
SPINANES- Spitfire (SubPop, 93) _2 ?
STP Action!_1 ?
SUPERFLY TNT?S She?s comin? around_2 ?
TRANSISTORS Out havin? fun (Incognito)_1,50 ?
VERSUS Go tell it on the frog (K)_1 ?
VIBRASONIC- Into the sunshine (Yep!)_2 ?
Frankie VIRTUE & the VIRTUES Penn State twist (Get
Hip)_3 ?
WONTONS Let?s wok! (Screaming Apple)_1,50 ?
X-RAYS Bellingham (Get Hip)_2 ?
YOGUR Kinder _1 ?
VVAA Carbon 14 Hall of Fame (Hasil Adkins, Andre
Williams, Davie Allan, Johnny Legend)_3 ?
VVAA Fuck you spaceman! EP (vinilo verde, 5 temas:
Mummies, Phantom Surfers, etc.)_4 ?
VVAA Larsen EP (Fleshtones, Slow Slushy Boys, Havox,
Don Cavalli, Mama Guitar, Curly Wurly)_3 ?


APPLE An apple a day_15 ?
BAND Stage fright_8 ?
Ry COODER- Borderline _5 ?
CROCODILES- Narcolepsia _5 ?
DOORS Absolutely live (2LP) _10 ?
Strange days _9 ?
DR. FRANK Show business is my life (Look Out)_7 ?
ELECTRIC FRANKESTEIN Spare parts (Get Hip)_7 ?
Chris FARLOWE S/T (Amor Discos 0025)_5 ?
FUNKADELIC Finest + Maggot brain 12″ 2LP_10 ?
HATE BOMBS Here comes treble_7 ?
HEADCOATS The Messerschmitt pilot?s severed hand_9 ?
JELLY ROLL KINGS Off yonder wall (Fat Possum)_6 ?
LE MANS Mi novela autobiogr?fica 10″_5 ?
LOBOS NEGROS- La fuerza del ritmo _5 ?
Nick LOWE- The abominable showman _5 ?
MECCA NORMAL- Dovetail (K) _6 ?
MICKY y los TONYS Grabaciones in?ditas_7 ?
MR. T EXPERIENCE Making things with light_8 ?
Johnatan Richman & the MODERN LOVERS- Modern Lovers 88
_6 ?
MULLENS Go where the action is (Get Hip)_10 ?
Tough to tell (Get Hip)_9 ?
Jon & the NIGHTRIDERS- The charge of .. _6 ?
PATRULLERO MANCUSO Tortilla estatal_5 ?
Wilson PICKETT In Philadelphia (Atlantic USA, 1970)_11
PINK FAIRIES Kill ?em and eat ?em (Demon)_8 ?
PONTIAC BROS. Doll hut (Frontier)_6 ?
PSYCHEDELIC FURS- Talk talk talk _5 ?
PUFFBALL Swedish nitro 10″ (Radio Blast)_4 ?
REIN SANCTION Mariposa_6 ?
Brian RITCHIE The Blend_6 ?
Gil SCOTT-HERON Small talk at 125th and Lenox_9 ?
SHONEN KNIFE- Let?s knife _6 ?
SHUTDOWN 66 Welcome to Dumpsville High (Corduroy)_7 ?
SMUGGLERS Rosie (Lookout)_8 ?
SUPERCHUNK Come pick me up_7 ?
TEENAGE FANCLUB & JAD FAIR Words of wisdom and hope_8
TELEFONES Vibration change_10 ?
THE- Mind bomb _5 ?
TOOTS & the MAYTALS From the roots (Trojan)_8 ?
VACANT LOT Wrong 7 ?
WEATHER REPORT Heavy weather_7 ?
Johnny WINTER Nothin? but the blues_6 ?
YELLO Stella_8 ?
VVAA (Recopila EPs ?ntegros de 4 bandas de NY
hardcore de los 80: Antidote, Urban Waste, The Abused
y The Mob)_8 ?
VVAA At the party! (Candy, 16 temas: Saxons, Rex
Garvin, Rock-a-bouts, …)_9 ?
VVAA Everybody rocks (Wendi Records 008, 20 temas:
Trini Lopez, Duals, Tooter Boatman, …)_7 ?
VVAA Fan Comic 0,9999 (6 temas: Barreno, Royal Canin,
Kindergarten, Fitzcarraldo, Gramoxonne, Dr. Divago)_8
VVAA Grandaddy?s rockin? vol. 2. Primitive rockabilly
1955-59 (16 temas: Joe Tate, Al Sims, Billy Barton,
…)_7 ?VVAA Grandaddy?s rockin? vol. 5. Rockabilly &
hillbilly boogie from the 50s_7 ?
VVAA Groovie boogie boy_5 ?
VVAA Hipsville 29 BC (16 temas: Sparkles, What-nots,
Vagrants, Fantastic Dee-jays, …)_10 ?
VVAA Killed by death vol. 77_8 ?
V/A Positevely Elizabeth Street – A Citadel
compilation (: Died Pretty, New Christs, Dubrovniks,
Wreckery…)_7 ?
VVAA Rockin at the zoo (Wendi Rcs.)_7 ?
V/A Scum of the earth _10 ?
VVAA Stompin? vol. 26_8 ?
VVAA Takin? a detour (Detour, 16 temas: Dilemmas,
Mourning After, Clique, Aardvarks, Nuthins, …)_8 ?
VVAA The big rumble (Mickey Lee Lane, Buck Owens,
Buccaneers, Roy Head, …)_8 ?
VVAA Too much rockin? (Wendi 004, 20 temas: Tiny
Lewis, Capitals, Electras, …)_7 ?

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